Tunefish v4 final for Mac/Windows and beta for Linux is here!

Thanks to many bugreports from people I could now finalize the Windows and Mac versions of Tunefish4. I can only assume it is stable by now since I do not get anymore mails ;) If you find more problems, don't hesitate to let me know. In the meantime here's now also the Linux version which is so far only tested by me on Ubuntu 13.10 where I also built it. Let me know if it works and especially test it on other distributions or Ubuntu versions if you can. Thanks for trying out Tunefish and I hope you will have fun using it!


  • Fixed crash in Mac version caused by validation
  • Fixed updating of instrument dropdown when instrument changes in host
  • Fixed Mac version so it runs on older processors
  • Added new presets (courtesy of J.Ruegg)
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